The Planetars: Masters of the ElementusEdit

A twistedly hilarious and action packed film about six juvenile delinquents, with the power of the "Elementus", battling against an evil doctor from the Shadoverse. Written & directed by Ned Petetski, produced by Fjonko Studios and Borderworld Studios.

The StoryEdit

The City of Fjonkopolis, 199X; Captain Grand, an aging superhero at the end of his career, sets out to recruit a team of six teenagers to be his crime-fighting replacements; The Planetars. Their first mission is to rid the city from the evils of Dr. Darkness who had recently been released from the Shadoverse. But due to a mistake in chronological calculations, Grand accidentally grants the power of the Elementus to a group of social rejects who have no business doing any good for anyone. It is now the Captain's task to train these degenerates before his elemental power of Light is gone forever! Can he do it?... No. No he can not. 

The Characters Edit