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Hank likes to spend his time dumpster diving, stealing dead people's shoes, getting drunk off hand sanitizer... the simple things in life. He is seen frequently throughout Fjonkopolis, like a benevolent spirit of the city who just wanders from here to there with no real purpose.

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His life used to be very different however. Before he became homeless he was a very wealthy owner of an independent oil distributor. But things took a turn for the worst when in order to get his girlfriend to marry him (who already was planning on purposing to him herself), he had to sell his penis to the deity Xthule. Now, the only connection earth has to the etherial realms above is through poor Homeless Hank's horrifically deformed demon-dick! As a result, he lost everything in attempt to get rid of it, till it came to a point where he just let go and accepted his creatively sized new body part.

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