Captain Grand Edit

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Also known as "The Guardian of Light" but his real name is never revealed. Captain Grand holds the Diurna Elementus. He is portrayed by Daniel Flynn.

Grand's powers consist of being able to warp at the speed of light, redirect sunlight to create defensive blinding light and offensively create a light-laser that can destroy various solid material including human beings in need be.

He was once part of another Planetar team back in the 1960s through the 70s, but they have since either died out or went into hiding, leaving him to defend the city alone.
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This is the main reason it decaying from the inside out. He simply can not keep up with all the crime so he chooses to stay at home and work a day job at Chunky Chuck's Meat Wagon.

He appears to be a closeted alcoholic, as he is frequently seen taking swigs of whisky from his "flask of heroes" when no one is looking. It is possible that he may be intoxicated throughout the entire events of the film.